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Dear ICOS CP JupyterHub users, the latest development on our JupyterHub is a notebook (ecosystem_site_anomaly_visualization.ipynb) that allows users to visualize anomalies in ecosystem variables including Gross Primary Production (GPP), shortwave incoming radiation and vapor pressure deficit.
You can find the notebook under common/icos_jupyter_notebooks directory.

Our collaborative Jupyter Hub service is for registered users and offers advanced options like

  • sharing notebooks and data
  • uploading ancillary data for analysis together with ICOS data
  • permanent storage of notebooks and data

This service is continuously expanded in close consultation with our users and the ICOS community to support their scientific analysis and interpretation of ICOS data and products. All data and notebooks are "private", hence you can use this as a safe space to do research with unpublished data.

If you are interested in using our Jupyter Notebook Service to do research with ICOS data and elaborated products, but you don't have an account yet, please send your request to jupyter-info (at) icos-cp.eu .